Re-Ordering of labels
Started working on a floating save button
Updates to Usability
Added Accordions to Menus
Fixed bug In View Vox Detail where Working Hours were not displayed correctly
Reclassification of phone and email fields...
Fixed VOX bug where some visitor callbacks were connected then dumped
Added Campaign Names to Table
Fixed bug where Abandoned call notice was sent even after successful connection to 1st responder
Changed the way the No Thanks Button was being created
Fixed small bug with the Client Select Pulldown
Adjusted the behaviors of adding new users
Added a recording with a human voice for all connect-by-voice automation.
Fixed times in lead table
Redefined Export Users option for global access only
Removed all instances of the "+1" in front of phone numbers and now display them as XXX-XXX-XXXX
Voice event email modifications
Adjusted the number of cycles of the voice recording to connect the user to the call will occur, without any response.
Managed Active Denial of Call Attempts (pressing #)
Template work on the "Email Lead Only" template
Voice record On/Off needed notice work - this was tabled
Added VOX status enable / disable field for users
Fixed a bug where the 2nd Social Icon pulldown was not saving
Fixed a bug where the After Hours Page did not trigger after hours
Addressed Linking Behavior
Added No Input recording to Call Input Timeout
Fixed Reset User Passwords functionality
Fixed bug where the Round Robin timeout was not the length entered in dashboard
Worked on the right side-bar
Fixed a bug where REACTIVATING users created SMS anomalies
Worked on Login as USER
- in VOX Setup
- Added Client Phone Number note: "For records only, not used in VOX system"
Addressed, then Tabled: Round Robin user has no settable order.
- User Setup notice changed - Phone number: "Cell phone number: used for voice services"
- Added note in Campaign Setup: Active / Inactive note: "Not used at this time"
- Added Note in Client Setup: Active / Inactive = Please note: "Not used at this time"
Changed Support Phone Number on Sidebar