In the first week of 2016, amidst a slew of other updates, Trade Cycle lead notice emails received a basic overhaul.

While this should not have any effect on leads entering your CRM, since that is done using an entirely different method, (via ADF/XML) it is possible, although unlikely, that some of you are using these plain/html emails to parse into your CRM.
If you are using eLeads, VinSolutions, Traffic Logic Pro, ARInet or most of the other big names, you should not be concerned about this.  If you are using a more 'underdog' crm who might be parsing these regular inbox emails, make sure you let us know, and we'll send you a test lead that they can use for parsing rule adjustment.
These changes are mostly cosmetic in nature, so even if your CRM is parsing from these standard emails, they should not have to make any changes unless using a non-standard parsing method.  Even then changes should be fast, simple and without trouble.
Thank you. We hope the new emails work well for you.
LC Technology.

Thanks to Shon Culpepper of Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson for bringing this update potential to our attention.