We can install tracking on your campaign pages in several ways.
If you're using Google Analytics, simple send us your website Property ID and we'll get it installed.

If your using another tracking code, just send us that whole code, and we'll get that installed.
If you'd like to track all the pages for data that includes break rates (people who bail out mid stride) then that's fine.
OR if you'd like to only track full conversions, just ask that your code be installed only on confirmation pages.

Some things to consider.
To prevent malicious tracking of other people's websites, tracking requests need to come from one of the following ways.
  • Sent from an email address within your business, from a person we already know has authority.
  • Sent from another email that is already in our system
  • or submitted via a webform on our members area (provided you're logged in first)
We can't take requests that can't be verified in one of these ways.